The top 10 office supplies to get on

Office supplies are crucial to maintain a smooth operation in every organization. Even though the least extent office supplies are essential to complete the task such as sticky notes, envelopes and whiteboard markers. In order to promote productivity and growth, these items must be available in the organization all the time.

In this article, we have included the 10 to 1 essential office supplies that are a must to get in

1. Projector

Currently, most of the projectors offers HD images, wireless network, immersive experience capability and allow sharp images even in luminous room. Besides that, companies are searching for office projectors that are configured in board rooms, office compounds and conference rooms for presentation use. LCD, DLP and LED projectors are classified as digital projectors which categorize as office projectors required for every office supplies to the workplace. Office projectors, also known as business projectors can enable those in workplace to brainstorm ideas and create efficient decision of proposal. (Link to

2. HDMI cable

HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that facilitates the link between a computer such as Blu-ray player or cable box and a HDTV or projector on a flat screen. HDMI enables to connect electronic devices quickly without having to deal with color-coded cables or several plugs; a single HDMI cable allows to carry whole video and audio signal from devices to screen. To use HDMI cable, firstly identify HDMI port at computer which parallel a thin and wide slot with a little tempered core. Not every computer has HDMI port but the newer model computer mostly has HDMI port. Next, attach to your computer an end of the HDMI cable, plug to the other end of HDMI cable into your screen devices. Lastly, set to the HDMI input at your devices. (Link to

3. Sticky notes

Sticky notes have been existing for a long time ago, even with rapid growth in digital technology but it is still important elements in the organization. Using sticky notes is the faster tools used as reminder memo and TO-DO checklist for workplace growth because it can help to remember and keep track of something very vital such as a conference meeting and work deadline. There are many benefits of using sticky notes as a tool in daily work such as:

- Save time. It's quick to capture a thought on a sticky note. The only tools used is a pen and jot down everything that across in your mind. In a few seconds later, you had a complete thought that was needed, hence, it's less time consuming.

- Simple. Sticky notes are a simple tool to track and detect progression in work decisions. If you want to invent a storyline board, just use sticky notes and arrange it accordingly to the storyline. Use different color-coded sticky notes to classify complaints or feedbacks.

- Presentable. The most attractive part for using sticky notes is that they are colourful and interesting shapes. It looks presentable when sticking it at open space such as on your computer, cubicle wall and any other office furniture. Hence, you and the team also can be reminded of the colourful sticky notes and can assist others to check out what is going on too.

4. Envelopes

Envelopes can be used to protect the content of the document. When you are hand-addressed, pick the envelopes materials that does not smudge easily and can carries safe mailing labels. Currently, organization uses mail to send invitation, information or task to other party but still envelopes is essential to have in office, where official letter needs envelopes to show professionalism towards worker when it comes to letter of confirmation, contract, promotion and subject matter expert (SME). Office envelopes are accessible in many sizes and shapes, plain and colour selection. The size guide will help you to choose the accurate envelopes for your needs. (Link to

5. Calculator

Calculator is a tool that should be available in every office especially in accounting and finance department. Besides that, these calculators are used in schools, universities, laboratories and factories for users who require scientific calculation. Some models are designed with model functions for finance and programming. The weight is light and convenient for use outside of the workplace. Easy to carry anywhere too. It's instant use when needed despite to calculate numbers in computer. The best calculator in are Canon and Casio where they have special features to solve problems. (Link to

6. Computer

For almost any workplace and for any career, being a computer literate is a requirement. It's hard to find a job which doesn't necessarily require a computer. Nearly every place would have preferred a fundamental understanding of the operating system. In businesses either big or small business required office essential to do work such as a laptop and a computer. These office essentials are needed in every sector of business such as marketing, graphic design, banking, production, research, engineering, aviation, business administrative and it helps to drive the growth of business year by year with less consuming physical energy to generate productivity in the organization. These are the reasons why computer is vital in all organization to generation income and revenue. Using computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint computer helps business to store, measure, organize, and analyze customer data and information. In nearly all private, government, and home-based business and organization, a computer is used around the world. It is impossible to construct, operate and grow the business without a computer. Which is why the use of the computer in business groups and industries is important. (Link to

7. A4 Paper

Paper is so essential from a network to be a source for print media, the roles and intent of the paper are infinite. Hence, A4 paper selection is very important in the organization. There are several types of paper which is used in various fields. The standard A4 size is accepted as the right choice for official and document use. Since it is essential in all organisations, the A4 paper must be regularly accessible. Eventually, paper offers various choices. Weights, embossing, and even matt and glossy finishes. Textures are also common. For standard office purposes, choosing the right paper for the right job is not that complicated, but it can make the difference when it comes to special occasions. If your office needs a lot of paper for everyday work, take into account in A4 paper wholesale from a reliable marketplace such as

8. Toner cartridge

It's extremely important to understand what cartridges work in your printer because it can cause inconvenience results of printing paper. This is because cartridge consist of 2 types; toner cartridge and ink cartridge. Toner cartridges are made of powder and used by laser printers. Businesses with high volume printing requirements are likely to do well at a laser printer. All these machines are ideally suited for small and medium-sized business companies and organization that print a lot of heavy documents and colour prints. Toner cartridge is a dry powdery material that won't smear like ink cartridge. Meanwhile, this office supplies offers high speed printing service and high volume documents. The graphics produced by toner cartridge printer tend to stay longer on paper and best option for business purposes. The life use of toner cartridge is longer and do not need to replace more often. (Link to

9. Whiteboard marker

To get the job done, you need to start with the real basics like pens and whiteboard markers. These such basic essentials must always be kept in inventory by the company. They help organize the task day by day. In additional, it is a must in the organization's office supplies for writing, producing, drawing and marking data for certain purposes, for example a human resource director drawing a flowchart to define flexibility of workers and evaluating talent in discussions session. Whiteboard marker comes from different colours including blue, black and red. Those colours are popularly used in industry, but the more colours used are better to catch audiences' attention such as green, brown and purple.

For office purposes, the most suitable essential to have in inventory is Artline markers where it contains a safe, dry and water-resistant Xylene-free alcohol-based ink. These markers can be used on most surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass.

These tools are suitable to be used in marketing proposals, team building sessions, brainstorm ideas, and business operations. (Link to

10. Whiteboard

Accessing a whiteboard allows the employers/teachers to write any sentences and business plans that they want to discuss, making the objective much more clear to the audience. Carrying the new ideas and plans on the board allows audience to see and practice the overall content throughout the various stages of the activities.

You also can plan tasks to do accordingly, jot down your short-term goals, or list on a whiteboard the important tasks and reminders. This helps to coordinate day-to-day work and training purposes. Whiteboard can be used as a display screen for a presentation, stick notes and draw graph on it.

Some of the whiteboard has magnetic surface where can also be used as a tack board, allowing staff to quickly tack any spreadsheets, artwork or notes in board surface easily.

In a nutshell, these are the essential office supplies that your organization needs to purchase in to promote productive daily activities. (Link to

The exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work. Digital and analogue are current mainly types of measuring instrument. Both type of measuring instrument almost has the same features but different technology provided.

The digital measuring instruments indicate the values of the quantity in digital format that is in numbers, which can be read easily. Digital indicator does not need any prior training to read the instruments since it is indicating the values directly in numerical form. It does not have a reading meter that makes the digital are more accurate compared to analogue. Analogue instruments indicate the magnitude of the quantity in the form of the pointer movement. User has to read the marking carefully to get the correct scale number.