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These 5 online deals at will smooth out you and your team’s transition to the wild west of entrepreneurship.

Office supplies are the key to a successful business. Without the right tools, you’re going to struggle hard to stay motivated and get the job done. So whether you are a solo-entrepreneur working from your home or a large organization housing hundreds of employees, the foundation of success would remain the same, i.e. availability of the right tools in order to finish the tasks on time.

We are talking about important essentials such as planners, electronics, pens and business cards that are a must to have. Luckily, there are affordable solutions to your problems. Check out these budget-friendly top 5 office essentials which are less than RM 30 on

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Magnetic White Board

When ideas are pouring out during team brainstorming sessions, you’ll need a way to jot down everyone’s thoughts. This magnetic whiteboard will help you develop ideas visually, both with and without your team.

At, you will be able to purchase a magnetic whiteboard for a price as low as RM 20 only.

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Nescafe Blend & Brew

Hands down Coffee is an entrepreneur’s best friend. Nescafe Blend & Brew adds premium blends into your morning mix.

At, you will be able to purchase Nescafe Blend & Brew for a price as low as RM 10 only.

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Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

A customizable rubber stamp is an item that most small business owners don't realize until it's too late. Whether you need to stamp your company’s address on boxes or official letters, this rubber stamp is a great way to cut down on time.

At, you will be able to purchase a self-inking rubber stamp for a price as low as RM 16 only.

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Hard Cover Notebook

Sometimes good old-fashioned pen-and-paper notebooks are best when it comes to remembering what’s important. This hardcover notebook is ideal for jotting down notes during meetings.

At, you will be able to purchase a hardcover notebook for a price as low as RM 29 only.

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Ball Point Pens

Pens are an office must-have — and they’re one of the first supplies that have higher chances of going missing. Keep these affordable pens nearby and stop frantically searching for something to write with when genius strikes.

At, you will be able to purchase ballpoint pens for a price as low as RM 0.50 only!

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