Lapasar is a B2B Wholesale Platform

In 2018, Lapasar started out as a B2B platform in the corporate segment. Our clients such as Telekom Malaysia, PETRONAS or Tenaga Nasional Berhad buy items for their daily operational needs (e.g. laptops, projectors, office furniture, etc) from our platform.

In 2020 the B2B platform was extended to serve Mom and Pop stores, whereby shops order their supplies (e.g. Milo, Nescafe, Red Bull, etc) via our App/platform. Today, the FMCG Wholesale Segment is the key pillar of Lapasar’s business and growth. We aim to onboard 100,000+ Mom and Pop Stores and restaurants across Malaysia onto our Mobile App and make their daily ordering of stocks as easy and simple as Shopee or Lazada has made the experience in the consumer E-Commerce space.

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