About Team Lapasar

Lapasar is a tech company based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2017, Lapasar started off with the aim to create a supply chain where buying and selling are transparent and merit-based. By digitizing processes as well as the supply base, corporate buyers are able to purchase more efficiently, and at the right price. While still in the beta-testing stage, Telekom Malaysia became Lapasar’s first client in October 2017, and shortly after, Lapasar officially launched the platform Lapasar.com. Mid 2019, Lapasar attracted investment from Singaporean and Malaysian investors, to enhance technology and expand operations.

As of today, Lapasar has a diverse & dynamic team of 30 people. We value a can-do attitude, the striving for constant improvement, and the willingness to provide service beyond expectations. We work hard, and we work as a team.

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